Protesters line up to stop cleanup at Spokane City Hall homeless camp

I love this. Announce you are going to clean camp, and watch the liberals come out in droves. They stand in the freezing cold and rain for naught: no one shows up. Brilliant. 

And he has a weekend long hunger strike? We normally call that a fast. Big deal. 

People gathered. Arms linked. A wall formed. But there was nothing to stop.

In the freezing-cold early-morning hours Monday, about two dozen activists assembled with a small group of homeless people to block code enforcement from clearing out a homeless encampment outside City Hall near the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place. The protest was organized after a notice was posted at the camp by the Spokane Police Department Saturday saying the city planned to clean Monday morning if not previously cleared away.

Expecting them to arrive at 9:30 a.m., the group formed a human chain around the camp and waited. But code enforcement didn’t show. 

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Alfredo LLamedo, who last Monday ended a weeklong hunger strike at the camp in support of homeless rights. “If they want to clean up trash, be my guest. But what’s ironic about that, they all of the sudden decide to come out here.”