Pro-Trump Committee Starts Petition to Take Away Sanctuary City Funding


As the crackdown on illegal immigration continues, a political action committee supporting President Trump’s re-election bid calls for an end to sanctuary cities.

Following the acquittal of the illegal immigrant charged in the death of Kate Steinle, the ‘Make America Great Again’ PAC sent a letter — signed by President Trump — urging supporters to sign a petition to take away federal funding from cities protecting illegals.

The letter says cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle have spent decades breaking the country’s immigration laws and getting away with it.

The administration has pointed to Steinle’s case as a reason to crackdown on illegal immigration.

Not only do sanctuary cities continue to protect potentially dangerous immigrants, but they are costing tax payers money.

Illegal immigration in California alone is costing billions of dollars.

According to data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, California spends up to $23 billion providing services like welfare and Medi-Cal care for illegal aliens.