Poll: Idaho Voters Favor Trump over Clinton

Big Surprise! </sarcasm>

Idaho has become Donald Trump land, a new poll by Idaho Politics Weekly shows.
It’s a place Idaho political observers figured Trump would end up in this very Republican state, even if he finished second here in the GOP primary earlier this year.
Most likely Trump will not need to visit or campaign here to easily beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, finds pollster Dan Jones & Associates in a new survey for the Idaho weekly political newsletter.
However, some Idahoans are reluctantly coming over to “The Donald’s” column, with female Idahoans less supportive of the Republican nominee – which he will become after this week’s GOP convention in Cleveland.
Asked by Jones who they plan to vote for in November, “likely” voters break out like this:
44 percent said they are for Trump.

Only 23 percent said Clinton.

5 percent said Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

3 percent said Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

14 percent stated that they plan on voting for someone else for president than those four.

And 7 percent said they still don’t know for whom they will cast their presidential ballot.

Trump’s problems with women voters have been well documented – he has called any number of women terrible names in the past.
Jones finds a statistically significant difference between male and female Idahoans opinions of Trump in the new survey:
20 percent of men said they favor Clinton, 25 percent of women do.

50 percent of men said they plan to vote for Trump, only 38 percent of women do.

12 percent of men said they plan on voting for some other candidate than the four who will be on the ballot, while 17 percent of women said they would be choosing someone else.

And 6 percent of men said they still don’t know for whom they will vote, while 9 percent of women are undecided.