PG&E blackouts may affect some 600,000 customers amid high fire danger

NewImageDoes anyone recall the California electricity crisis in the early 2000s? It was enough to get Gray Davis recalled. 

And here we are again, because of environmentalist policies.

From the San Jose Mercury News

An estimated 600,000 PG&E customers — including some 257,000 in the Bay Area — may be forced to endure power shutdowns starting early Wednesday amid a forbidding outlook for severe fire danger in the form of high winds.

Preemptive outages loom across a “vast” swath of Northern and Central California this week, PG&E warned, adding that a “strong and dry wind event” forecast for midweek could prompt the utility to shut down power in as many as 30 counties in an effort to stave off wildfire risk.

The preemptive shutdown warnings were prompted by the prospect of a “potentially widespread, strong and dry wind event Wednesday morning through Thursday afternoon” that has elevated the wildfire risk across much of the state, PG&E said.

On Saturday evening, PG&E shut off power to roughly 10,000 customers in the Sierra foothills. The power shutdowns could last for days, depending on conditions, and will take time to reverse.

“It could take several days to fully restore power after the weather passes and safety inspections are completed,” said Michael Lewis, PG&E senior vice president of electric operations.