Parents voice concerns about racial incidents in Lewiston Government School

Logo scs key2746516Funny how this seems to happen only in the progressive government schools. Via the LMT

Reports of uniformed marching band students giving the Nazi salute before a football game and an incident in which a group of students chased a minority classmate while yelling racial slurs filled the public comment session of Monday night’s Lewiston School Board meeting.

Concerned parents spoke out about racial incidents they said their children have encountered in and outside of school, and urged the school board to offer cultural diversity training and to create policies to deal with such incidents.

Sarah Graham, of Lewiston, who has two children from North Africa, said both of her kids have experienced racially motivated incidents that make them feel unsafe at school. Graham said one of her children often comes home to eat lunch or use the bathroom because he doesn’t feel safe at school, and said her other child has been told she “doesn’t belong” at the school she attends.
“These are examples of the climate in the schools that make students of color feel uncomfortable and unwelcome,” Graham said.

Christine Jorgens, another parent of children with Hawaiian-Japanese heritage, said a “mob-style” group of students chased another group of kids from Webster Elementary School to her home recently. The kids stood on her front porch, pounded on the window and yelled a racial epithet.

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