Open border activists threaten to dox Fla. ICE contractor

If the Vietnam War were still going on, these same people would be doxing the family members of those serving. 4476966782666092609

Anti-ICE protesters are threatening to post the personal information of a Florida immigration contractor. A group of open border activists reportedly gathered in Florida outside the GEO Group recently, which is a company contracted by ICE for facility and detention space.

Austen Erblat on Twitter

Austen Erblat on Twitter

One protester specifically threatened the company’s former general counsel, John Bulfin, by calling out places where he and his children live as well as where he attends church:

“John Bulfin you have kids in ****, you have kids in *****. “We know everything about you, and you won’t just be seeing us here.”

Recently, there have been multiple targeted protests by a number of “abolish ICE” activists. The vice president of corporate officials from the GEO Group said in a statement the safety of their employees is their top priority and they will continue to do whatever’s necessary to provide that safety.