On Trump And Trumpism

Peter Leithart has a great summary about Trump & Trumpism. It’s worth your read. 

Like many Americans, I’ve spent an inordinate proportion of the past two years thinking about Donald Trump. I’ve written more about the 2016 Presidential election than about any other political event in my lifetime.

Recently, someone said he thought I was a Trump supporter. That surprised me, but on reflection it’s understandable. My writing on Trump has been fragmentary, and probably inconsistent at a number of points. This essay is an effort to sum up Trump, so far.

Many have reduced Trump to a one-dimensional cartoon villain, but he has some impressive qualities. He has an uncanny ability to recognize and respond to people’s fears and hopes. He’s much cannier than many are willing to admit. He can be funny, especially when engaging in that most American of pastimes, skewering the pompous and the self-important.

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