Omar Kadr Payout Circumvents Victims Lawsuit

This could be fixed by withholding the money due the family from Canada. Via Clarion

The Canadian government finalized a deal and paid the former teenage terrorist Omar Kadr $10.5 million in a way that his victims will not be able to sue him for the money.

Kadr was radicalized by his father and taken to Afghanistan when he was 15 years old. He admitted to throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier and partially blinded another.

Kadr, a Canadian citizen, was captured, taken to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and incarcerated in the U.S. military facility for 10 years. The Canadian government made the payout to compensate Kadr for abuses he suffered as a teenager under detention.

The payout was quietly given to Kadr, who cashed it immediately, circumventing efforts by the injured soldier and the widow of the U.S. soldier killed to file an injunction against the payout.

“The injunction is moot. It is absolutely moot,” University of Ottawa law professor Amir Attaran told The Globe and Mail. “Plus, if they are smart, that money is not sitting in Omar Khadr’s name, it is sitting in a trust fund or it is sitting in a corporation or some other structure, and good luck in enforcing against that.”

Writing in the Middle East Forum about the subject, human rights activist Tarek Fatah remarks how Canada’s “values have turned upside down in a bizarro world, one of our own making.”