Oh look! 1,600 uncounted ballots from the NJ primary 2 months ago were just discovered in a “mislabeled” bin

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WhO cOuLd PoSsIbLy Be AgAiNsT mAiL iN vOtInG?

Well the New Jersey primary happened on July 7. Here we are five weeks later, and — y’know, no big deal — they’re stumbling upon thousands of uncounted votes stuffed in a box somewhere.

1,666, to be exact, in Sussex County. That’s how many votes were cast and not counted before the outcome of the election.

So to make sure I’m being clear: 1,666 people voted in a county in New Jersey and their ballots got stuffed in a box somewhere and were not counted.

According to the New Jersey Division of Elections93% of all ballots cast in Sussex County in the primary were mail-in.

30,207 total ballots were cast in the county, so the 1,666 they just found would equal 5.5% of the entire county’s votes.

“It didn’t affect the outcome of the election,” they said. That’s beside the point? What if it HAD?


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