NSA Made it Into PJ Media


Well, what do you know? A college that is as tired as you about how America’s colleges and universities have become literal factories for cranking out offended-nistas.

At this college there are no trigger warnings, safe spaces or boys in the girls’ showers.

Indeed, New St. Andrews College, a small school of about 200 students in Moscow, Idaho, is becoming known for its outspoken student recruitment videos, some of which are hilariously in your face in promising no coddling and no safe-spaces – just “clarity of thought.”

Though it’s gotten blowback for its recruiting videos recently, including for one called “Boys Will Be Boys,” about the politics of bathrooms, New St. Andrews College promises parents and incoming students only that it offers a traditional liberal arts education based on Christian values, using “dead teachers,” in a “riot-free” atmosphere.

Students and teachers are also are meeting in person this fall “free of masks, plastic wrap, Zoom classes, government money, and ‘safe’ spaces.”

But nothing is quite as in your face as this latest New St. Andrew’s (NSA) recruitment video, which features a discussion of Black Lives Matter, woke-ness, white supremacy and the sacredness of life.

No “Wokey McWokefaces” need apply. Indeed, they might be triggered by simply watching the video “Why Black Lives Matter” (see it below).

Read the rest: https://pjmedia.com/culture/victoria-taft/2020/07/07/explosive-college-recruiting-video-on-blm-shows-why-wokey-mcwokeface-needs-not-apply-n610372

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