No, The Trump Administration Didn’t Oppose Breastfeeding At The World Health Organization

Fake news from the left. 

A front-page New York Timesarticle claimed that, at a World Health Assembly in May, the United States opposed a resolution to encourage breastfeeding. “U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials,”blaredthe article’s headline.

Other media outlets picked up the story of the Trump administration versus breastfeeding mothers. Here’s a sample.

CNN: “US threatened nations over breastfeeding resolution”
NBC: “Report that U.S. suppressed breastfeeding resolution shocks advocates”
Daily Beast: “U.S. Stuns World Using ‘Blackmail’ to Oppose International Breastfeeding Resolution”
USA Today: “U.S. threatens nation over world breastfeeding resolution, shocking health officials”

The narrative was set. But was it true? President Donald Trump argued it was “fake news.”