New Saint Andrews Expansion Request Appealed A Second Time

Watch the bias in this article from the Lewiston Tribune. First, the lede: 

New Saint Andrews denied expansion request
Moscow City Council members appeal college’s conditional-use permit for second time

1. NSA wasn’t denied the expansion request. It was appealed for the 2nd time. 

2. Moscow City Council members didn’t appeal the CUP. Two Moscow citizens did. 

Not that details matter to our local rag. 

Also, watch this: 

Based on false data in the survey and the unknown effects the decision may have on businesses, Ian von Lindern, his wife, Margrit von Braun, and the other appellant, Ryanne Pilgeram, are requesting the city council deny the conditional-use permit or remand it back to the board and develop appropriate data, then hear public comment.

The LMT didn’t say “alleged false data” or that the appellants “alleged the data was false”, rather, the LMT proclaimed that the data was false. 

Must be good to have a monopoly on the news in our four little cities.