New Antarctic heat map reveals hot spots beneath the ice


Submarine volcanoes causing ice to melt. 

Who would have ever guessed, based on all the press saying that SUV-driving soccer moms are the cause. 

An international team of scientists led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has produced a new map showing how much heat from the Earth’s interior is reaching the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. The map was published last week (13 Nov 2017) in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

According to a press release from the BAS, “the team has produced the most up to date, accurate and high-resolution map of the so called ‘geothermal heat flux’ at the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.”

“Magnetic measurements mainly collected by aircraft reveal the ‘hot spots’ under the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and on the Antarctic Peninsula. These areas are the most rapidly changing areas of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.” (Italics added.”

“The new study from BAS uses over 50 years of magnetic measurements that were collected from thousands of hours flying over the continent. Warmer rocks lose their magnetic properties, and so the team was able to use the loss of magnetism in certain areas to calculate an estimate of the geothermal heat flux.”

Via Ice Age Now