Minn. Couple Banned From Walmart After Wearing Swastika Masks


Wouldn’t be my tactic to protest the mask order, but it sure made the point. 

Walmart has banned a Minnesota couple from entering its stores after they wore swastika face masks. In a statement on Sunday, the company said it has banned the couple from its stores nationwide for one year and cited their face masks as the primary reason.

The couple, who are reportedly 59 and 64 years of age, could be seen in a video posted to Facebook on Sunday wearing the masks as they paid at the cash register.

In the video, the couple claimed the U.S. will become like Nazi Germany if Joe Biden is elected and made explicit gestures at the bystanders who confronted them.

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This couple wore Nazi flags around their faces inside a Walmart in Marshall, MN to protest the statewide mask mandate that took effect today. I confirmed with a store manager. Video was posted to FB by Raphaela Mueller pic.twitter.com/t3v96PKh25

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