Michelle Obama’s passport leaked by hacker

A picture of what is apparently Michelle Obama’s passport has been dumped online by the same hacker who compromised Colin Powell’s email account.

The latest hack — this time of a low-level White House staffer — contains detailed schedules for top US officials and private email messages, in addition to the picture of the first lady’s passport.

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The information has been posted online by the group DC Leaks.

The White House staffer — who also apparently does advance work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — is named Ian Mellul.

The released documents include a PowerPoint outline of Vice President Joe Biden’s recent Cleveland trip, showing his planned route, where he’ll meet with individuals and other sensitive information, according to the Daily Mail.

Similar documents appear in Mellul’s emails of events for Clinton — capturing the sensitive details advance teams deal with in preparation for VIP travel.

In an email to The Post, the hacker writes, “The leaked files show the security level of our government. If terrorists hack emails of White House Office staff and get such sensitive information we will see the fall of our country.”

The hacker adds, “We hope you will tell the people about this criminal negligence of White House Office staffers.”