Man Buys Ticket to Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening, Internet Loses its Mind

Movie Tavern Alamo Drafthouse stepped into a huge pile of Internet late last week when it’s NYC venue decided to hold a woman’s only viewing of upcoming DC Comic flick, Wonder Woman.

Heat Street’s Stephen Miller purchased a ticket to the event. 

Here’s an example of the internet rage from the AV Club:

As Miller has delighted in telling people irritated by his decision—in that “I am speaking calmly, so you must be the asshole” tone so beloved by internet trolls—there’s nothing illegal about purchasing a ticket to a screening. That argument does, though, gloss over the fact that, while barging into a space you’ve been asked to stay out of just because that request made you feel briefly tiny and weak doesn’t make you a criminal, it does make you an insecure piece of shit.

On the plus side, Miller gets to live with the comeuppance for his choices, i.e., having the kind of life where arguing for 12 hours straight with people on Twitter about your dumb, mean-spirited actions delivers some kind of awful inner satisfaction. Miller’s favorite tactic in his trolling is to refer to Wonder Woman as a “Chris Pine superhero movie” and pretend that star Gal Gadot doesn’t exist. (He also likes to lecture people claiming the film is a big step forward for female representation in pop culture, pointing them toward such milestones as Catwoman and Tank Girl.) So, yeah: Just an incredibly toxic and insecure little piece of shit.


No one bothered to ask Miller if he’s attending the screening as a man who self-identifies as a woman. The heteronormative assumptions are flat out RUDE.

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