Letter: John Freeland resignation


Former Idaho state Senate candidate, John Freeland, tendered his resignation as Latah GOP vice-chair at the July 26 Latah GOP meeting.

In typical Freeland style, he went out in a flurry of hyperbole, name calling and blaming others for his failures.

There was, however, one important truth in Freeland’s vitriolic speech that is worth taking into consideration. Freeland has been a vocal supporter of Republican state Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy since the beginning – a fact he reiterates in his resignation diatribe. To anyone paying attention, it should come as no surprise that he has also announced his endorsement of Democrat state Rep. Paulette Jordan. In this endorsement, Freeland unequivocally equates Troy with Jordan.

Conservatives who plan on supporting Troy should take note and reassess their allegiance. This equality is exactly the point behind my candidacy as an independent for Troy’s Idaho House Seat 5B – there is no difference between Troy and her Democratic counterparts. Her voting record proves it, and Freeland confirms it with his endorsement of both Troy and Jordan. Troy is just a Democrat with a vestigial “R.”

On a positive note, I am truly happy for Jordan. She now has an opportunity to pick up a great campaign staffer. I can’t think of a more qualified campaign manager to fill the shoes of infamous fraud and former Jordan campaign manager, Rachel Dolezal, than Freeland. Both suffer from the same delusional disorders – Dolezal, a lily white gal who “identifies” as being black, and Freeland, an emotionally challenged Democrat who “identifies” as a Republican. Jordan’s diversity and bipartisanship credibility will soar with this appointment.

As the Latah GOP rediscovers its platform and its mission, I predict a party-reassignment for Freeland and a career reassignment for Troy in November.

Adios to both.

Ken De Vries
St. Maries, Idaho