Lesbian Teen Pregnancy Rate 2-7x Higher Than Hetero Peers

Try to wrap your mind around this statistic. Via Daily Wire

Teenagers (and adults) who self-identify as “lesbian” are having a lot of straight sex, poking a giant whole in the Left’s most sacred “born this way” mantra so often weaponized against the religious right.

As noted by author Glenn T. Stanton writing at The Federalist, studies show both lesbian and gay youths have two to seven times higher pregnancy rates than that of their heterosexual peers. Lesbians in particular are shown to have much higher pregnancy rates than straight teens. (Note: Gay teens were measured by the rate in which they got a female pregnant, obviously.)

Unsurprisingly, lesbian and gay teens were shown to be more sexually active than straight teens.

It’s important to note two things here. First, the teens identified as lesbian or gay; not questioning; not bisexual. Second, a rare study delving into self-identified adult lesbians showed their rate of pregnancy, too, being higher than hetero peers and boasting an abortion rate double that of heterosexuals.

So, what’s going on here? Why are “lesbians” getting impregnated by males at a much higher rate than their heterosexual peers? Stanton gives one explanation: the “born this way” mantra is seriously flawed; sexuality is especially “fluid” for females, being mostly shaped by “social, cultural, emotional, and situational developments than some deeper internal drive.”