Leftists Protest Trump by Invading Heritage Foundation Office

“Our solution to pollution is the people’s revolution”

Liberal protest mob storms Heritage Foundation

Barack Obama broke his silence yesterday to speak about the importance of civic engagement. The former president talked about things like “listening to understand” and working “to create trust.” Altogether it was a good primer on the importance of polite political activism.

And the leftists wonder why Trump won?

People’s Action on Twitter

We’re shutting it down at @Heritage because it continues to be @realDonaldTrump’s think tank. #RiseUp2017 #Budget4ThePeople https://t.co/bnerOnBBa0

People’s Action on Twitter

What do we want? Water not walls! #Flint #StandingRock #budget4thepeople #riseup2017 https://t.co/9Fgk57RRPD

People’s Action on Twitter

We’re not afraid to demand what we deserve. We need a #Budget4ThePeople #RiseUp2017 https://t.co/LDmQDtIUkk

Whiny people protesting The Heritage Foundation

Uploaded by David Muhlhausen on 2017-04-25.

Katrina Trinko on Twitter

At @heritage protesters greeted with “repeal Obamacare” signs