Justices to hear antitrust case over sale of iPhone apps

And this is where we get back to crony capitalism (a.k.a. “crapitalism”, “crony capitalism”,  “corporatism”, “democratic capitalism”). 

Apple makes a superior product. 

All the other companies ask the government to stop them and bolster those companies who cannot compete. 

“It’s not fair that Apple has the superior cellphone”. 

This is similar to the antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft back in 2001

Wicked Microsoft. 

But before any kind of antitrust actions had even started, Apple turned the tide. 

This goes back to Obama’s “too big to fail” mantra. 

There’s no company too big to fail; no company too small to succeed. 

WASHINGTON – Apple is at the Supreme Court to defend the way it sells apps for iPhones against claims by consumers that the company has unfairly monopolized the market.

The justices are hearing arguments Monday in Apple’s effort to end an antitrust lawsuit that could force the iPhone maker to cut the 30 percent commission it charges software developers whose apps are sold exclusively through Apple’s App Store. A judge could triple the compensation to consumers under antitrust law if Apple ultimately loses the lawsuit.

Apple says it doesn’t own the apps or sell them. That’s the responsibility of software developers.

But the lawsuit says the Cupertino, California-based company exerts a lot of control over the process, including a requirement that prices end in .99. And iPhone apps are only available through the App Store.

Via the AP