Jason Riley Counters White Privilege Narrative in Campus Speech

The College Fix reports:

Conservative black journalist counters narrative pushed by campus race baiters

After conservative black journalist Jason Riley spoke at a historically black college in Pennsylvania on police shootings, crime rates and the need to take personal responsibility, the question-and-answer period launched with a query from a student in the crowd.

Riley, a respected columnist at The Wall Street Journal and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, gives on average more than a dozen speeches on college campuses each year during which Q&As have been known to get testy, but on this particular occasion that wasn’t the case.

“He thanks me for coming and asks, ‘How do I get a job at The Wall Street Journal,’” Riley said.

Riley’s talk calling for personal responsibility to an audience filled with black students, black professors and black administrators barely raised an eyebrow.

“Everything I had said was commonsensical to them,” he said. “The only pushback I got was from white faculty members at the reception afterwards.”

Riley’s point is the narrative that all black people in America are enraged and feel victimized over white privilege, institutional racism and police shootings — and blame those issues entirely for the plight of the black community — is inaccurate.

He said it’s a concept pushed largely by the mainstream media and those who stand to profit.