Idaho Senator Dan Foreman on Politics

Idaho Senator Dan Foreman on Politics

New District 5 State Senator Dan Foreman (91.5% voting index on the Idaho Freedom Foundation ‘Freedom Index’ ) gave a rousing address at the recent Benewah Republican Liberty Caucus meeting in St. Maries, ID on May 20th.


He said that he always admired those that participated in the original 1776 fight for independence and recognizes that it had to be exciting to be involved in such a seminal event in the history of freedom. “Well, we will all have the opportunity to be active in the next struggle for freedom in the spirit of ’76 because whether we like it or not, that struggle is upon us.”

Foreman reported that politics are alive and well in Boise and stated the following overarching concerns seem to be operative to many, at least in the Senate, where he confined his remarks because that’s where he works. “Senators seem to avoid public exposure on contentious issues, they don’t want to make themselves targets. There is safety in numbers, if the trend is to vote yes on a bill then vote with the pack. Give everybody what they want, vote yes on appropriations bills, avoid casting the one dissenting vote.

You can read about his thoughts on abusive power, over legalizing, focusing on reality, commitment, welfare & education, state sovereignty, and more over here.