Idaho last in rural education spending

While this may be factually true, the claims made by the article are problematic.

First, they have to do is demonstrate that spending and education outcomes correlate. That’s well known to be false. Inflation-adjusted education spending is at an all-time high in the US. Yet outcomes are flat or have declined.

The US spends more per student on education than any other country in the world, yet we rank 24 out of 71 in science and 38 out of 71 in math.

The 2015 NAEP rated 40% of fourth-graders, 33% of eighth-graders and 25% of 12th-graders as “proficient” or “advanced” in math.

What we need to do is look at what all this money is *really* going for. Clearly, it’s not for the kids.

Good luck with that. 

Report:Idaho last in rural education spending

No state spends less on instruction per pupil and only five have lower teacher salaries than Idaho, according to a Rural School and Community Trust study titled “Why Rural Matters 2015-16: Understanding the Changing Landscape.”