Idaho Governor Brad Little seeking immunity from civil liability

Brad LittleBe sure to read the reason why in the last paragraph. #CYA

On March 18, Idaho’s Governor Brad Little restricted pharmacists from dispensing hydroxychloroquine for off label use. Since that time, 217 Idahoans have died from Covid-related deaths, many of them without the choice to be treated with zinc and hydroxychloroquine. Suddenly Governor Little is calling a special session of Idaho’s part-time legislature to address “liability reform during emergencies.” Documents obtained by this writer show an objective for the special session is to establish immunity from civil liability.

One question being asked by Idahoans is, “Immunity from what?” They want to know if the governor is attempting to shield himself from lawsuits by families of people who died of Covid because the governor restricted off-label use of hydroxychloroquine.

When asked about the governor seeking immunity, Karlfeldt said, “Governor Little seems to be seeking liability for himself, his cronies, and businesses willing to do his bidding. Can you imagine a world where government, schools, and businesses can require anything from you and enforce anything upon you in the name of ‘safety,’ but do so without liability? This is in direct conflict with our structure of government. Executive, legislative, and judicial all are to be three coequal branches of government. Essentially, the governor would like the executive and legislative branch to be untouchable by the citizens and the judicial branch. If the government grants itself immunity, this would be an egregious violation of the Constitution and their oaths of office.”

HT: Dave G.