Idaho Dems sue to block Denney from releasing any voter info to Trump commission

Heaven forbid that anyone uncovers actual voter fraud. Who would ever get elected if dead Democrats stopped voting! Via Eye on Boise:

The Idaho Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order to block Secretary of State Lawerence Denney from sending any voter information to President Trump’s election integrity commission.

“No one, absolutely no one in Idaho has ever said they wished more of their private information would fall into the hands of hackers, or telemarketers, or even the federal government,” said Bert Marley, state party chairman. “While Secretary Denney has indicated that he may not send all of the information the Trump commission wants, he simply failed to offer assurances that this is even a legal request or that the information will be safeguarded and kept private.”

The Democrats are arguing that the commission’s request is illegal under Idaho’s public records law, because it would release private information for commercial use. “By saying they will publicize this information, the commission leaves it open for commercial interests to target Idaho voters,” the party said in a news release. “Further, by failing to provide a secure way of transmitting the information, the commission allows for other nefarious ways for commercial interests to capture and exploit this private information.”

The party filed a complaint in Fourth District Court in Boise, seeking an emergency temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction stopping Denney’s office from releasing any information. The case has been assigned to 4th District Judge Deborah Bail.