Idaho Delegate Joins Walkout Protest at 2016 DNC

The DNC keeps telling everyone that the party is united behind Hillary.

Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday when she became the first woman nominated by a major party to become U.S. president.

But many Bernie Sanders delegates at the Democratic National Convention, including A.J. Konda of Coeur d’Alene, did not accept Clinton’s nomination with quiet resignation.

Following a roll call vote of the state delegations, Clinton officially received the nomination after Sanders called for a unanimous decision to give it to her.

“A lot of Bernie delegates began marching in the aisles,” Konda told The Press in a phone call from Philadelphia. Konda is the only delegate from Kootenai County attending the convention.

While chanting “Walkout! Walkout!” he and dozens of other Sanders delegates, primarily from states like Idaho where Sanders won against Clinton, exited the convention hall.

Via Cd’A Press