Idaho charter school advocacy group decries Trump budget, says it would pit charters against other public schools

But this is exactly what makes charter schools so good — the competition with the standard government schools. If there’s no competition, there’s no reason to raise the bar and do well. 

As it is, we have the worst of both worlds: a union-run, government monopoly. Is there any reason government school students get the worst education for the highest cost? From Eye On Boise: 

A leading Idaho charter school advocacy group is decrying President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal, even though it proposes an additional $158 million in federal funds to launch or expand charter schools. The Idaho Charter School Network said in a statement that the $9 billion in cuts proposed for the U.S. Department of Education would “have a long-lasting impact on all public schools, district and charter,” including cuts to programs for the neediest and most vulnerable students.

“Making significant cuts to K-12 funding while simultaneously increasing funds for new public charter schools would unnecessarily pit public charter schools against public traditional district schools. We fear the losers in this will be our students and their futures,” the group said in its statement. “We ask President Trump and Congress to choose to support all public schools and not to pick charter schools over district schools.”

The Idaho Charter School Network is based in Boise; its CEO is Terry Ryan.