HBO Vice Peddles Child Abuse in “Trans Youth”

“Gender Confirmation Surgery.” Another name for child abuse. 

This is an HBO Vice production titled Trans Youth

The gruesome reality is that children as young as first graders, kids with no idea how to tie their shoes, let alone “choose their gender identity,” are being permitted to decide what bathroom they want to frequent, because they “feel” they are boys not girls, or vice versa.

A child of 8 or 9, formerly Amelia, now Max, sat between her parents after the film, for the Q and A.  S/he had a boy’s haircut, and wore ambiguous gender neutral chinos and shirt. But when s/he was asked questions by the fawning audience, she giggled, covered her face, shone radiantly at all the attention, and behaved, ridiculously, like the girl she was born. Ending every response with, “Max, out!”

The film featured a number of transitioning kids, one a “girl” of high school age. He/she regretted starting puberty-retarding drugs “too late,” and rued for the camera the fact that he/she was “too tall,” and her body was “too mannish.” Charlotte has a voice deeper than James Earl Jones, wears a ton of makeup that just makes her look like a drag queen, and makes clear, though no one said anything, that going from female to male seems lots easier than the obverse.

Even so, the film is full of first and second graders asking, “What are you?” to little Max, indicating that they could not easily discern what was what. He was banished to the school nurse’s bathroom, to avoid fights with the other ids who screamed, “Get out of here.”

Read more. How is this not child abuse?