Groups Included On ‘Hate Group’ List Published By CNN Are Certainly Not Hate Groups

The SPLC is such a farce. If you are to the right of them, you are a hate group. 

Here’s the rationale: 

“It’s just that the SPLC objects to its traditional views on the Constitution, the First Amendment and the meaning of marriage. No responsible media outlet should parrot the SPLC’s hate list without seeking to understand not only its motives but also the consequences of spreading false charges.”

Of course, they have a huge financial incentive to stir up the hate pot. The more hate they can fabricate, the more groups they can add to their list, the more money they make. It’s quite a lucrative business.


CNN published a list of alleged hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left organization known for spuriously including conservative groups it disagrees with, continuing a trend by a sympathetic establishment media to parrot the organization without proper due diligence or scrutiny.

“The Alabama-based nonprofit activist group tracks civil rights and hate crimes and defines a hate group as an organization with ‘beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics,’” writes CNN’s Dakin Andone before publishing the SPLC’s  lengthy “hate group” list.

Here are five groups included on the list that are not hate groups:

  1. Alliance Defending Freedom – Christian civil rights group
  2. Family Research Council – Christian group defending traditional family values
  3. Federation for American Immigration Reform – promotes assimilation and advocates stricter immigration laws.
  4. Center for Immigration Studies – researches the implications of increased immigration on society
  5. ACT For America – opposes radical Islam and sharia law

There’s another group that SPLC is targeting: Jihad Watch. They report on jihadi attacks around the world, and make the distinction between radical Islamists and ordinary Muslims. But apparently even tracking jihadi attacks makes one a hate group. 

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