Global health emergency – 1440

I haven’t been exposed. Neither will I be.

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The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern Saturday as cases reached 16,000 across 75 countries. Infections in the US have risen to nearly 3,000, including two children. 

The declaration is a call to coordinate efforts against the virus and signals monkeypox is a serious global risk (see definition). Officials made the decision despite an advisory panel’s lack of consensus. Since the protocol was established in 2005, a global health emergency has been calledseven times, the most recent being the coronavirus in April 2020. The US is deliberating whether to call for a national emergency.

The infection continues to spread primarily within communities among men who have sex with men, presenting fever, aches, exhaustion, and a rash one to two weeks after direct contact. Limited vaccines are available (see CDC guidelines) as countries ramp up production and distribution. See the map of total cases here.


Global health emergency – 1440