Giant Moscow granaries to stay put

NewImageTheir new owner doesn’t yet have a plan for trio of titanic grain elevators, but he says they won’t be torn down. Via LMT

The historic Jackson Street grain elevators that tower above the downtown Moscow skyline have a new owner, and he says the structures aren’t going anywhere.

“You could lose some of the heart and soul that makes Moscow if you knock them down and turn them into something else,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, the new owner of the elevators. The sale was finalized late last week.

The sale price for the structures has not been released, but the original asking price of $1.1 million was placed on the property by the former owner, Anderson Group LLC, more than a year and a half ago.

“It’s like a big tin can,” Crapuchettes said, strolling through his newly acquired 60-foot-wide and 100-foot-tall steel-plated cylinder. “I own more bird poop and concrete than anyone in Moscow.”

Crapuchettes said he doesn’t have immediate plans as to what will inhabit the old agriculture storage facility.

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