German Daily ‘Die Welt’ Declares: ‘President Trump was the world’s most successful climate protector’

This is just hysterical. 

Die Welt’s energy journalist, Daniel Wetzel: “Now the results are in: No country in the world saved more CO2 in 2017 than the USA.”

On USA’s impressive reductions, Wetzel called it “bizarre”: “Foremost a development emerged that was quite bizarre: Of all countries, the USA under President Donald Trump was the world’s most successful climate protector.”

Not good for the greenies: 

“Green champions” fail to deliver

According to the IEA, the USA reduced CO2 emissions by 23 million metric tonnes, emitting 4.81 billion tonnes.

Meanwhile some of the world’s most vocal proponents of CO2 emissions reductions and supporters of the Paris Accord failed to reduce CO2 emissions at all. The European Union, which fancies itself a champion of green energies and moral beacon, actually saw its emissions rise by 46 million tonnes!

Also eco-pompous Germany, whose car industry cheated the world, has not reduced emissions some 9 years running

Via Climate Depot