Georgetown Prof Compares Betsy Ross Flag To Swastika And KKK Cross


The Betsy Ross flag was good enough for Obama, but now it triggers the left.

You cannot make this stuff up! 

A Georgetown University professor compared the Betsy Ross American flag to a Nazi swastika and a burning Ku Klux Klan cross on Wednesday. 

Georgetown University sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson made the comparison on an MSNBC panel discussing Nike’s recent decision to pull a Fourth of July-themed shoe. He made the comparison after host Hallie Jackson asked why people might be upset at the flag’s inclusion on the shoe.  

“Words matter. Symbols matter, too. Why don’t we wear a swastika for July 4th?” Dyson asked. “‘Cause, I don’t know, it makes a difference. The cross burning on somebody’s lawn? Why don’t we just have a Nike celebration of the [cross]? Well, because those symbols are symbols of hate.”

The Betsy Ross flag is one of the earliest iterations of the American flag, containing 13 stars to represent the original 13 colonies.