Gallup: Americans are most satisfied with the quality of healthcare and least satisfied with its cost, for their own care and for healthcare nationally.

Americans are more likely to be positive about the cost, coverage and quality of their own healthcare than they are about the same aspects of healthcare nationwide. For both their own healthcare and healthcare nationally, they are most positive about quality and least positive about cost, with coverage falling in the middle.


Americans’ Views of Healthcare Quality, Coverage and Cost, Personally and in the U.S.
  Own care Healthcare nationally
  % %
Rate quality excellent/good 76 55
Rate coverage excellent/good 65 33
Satisfied with cost 56 19
Nov. 9-13, 2016


These results are based on Gallup’s annual Healthcare poll, conducted Nov. 9-13. The current patterns — that Americans are more positive about their own healthcare than about healthcare nationally, rate quality better than coverage and rate coverage better than cost — have been consistent in Gallup’s polling since 2001. Currently, the personal versus national gaps in positive ratings are smallest in terms of quality (21 percentage points) and largest on cost (37 points).

Via Gallup