Full-Micro-Buck-Blood-Moon tonight

Don’t miss it. Tonight only! 


July’s Full Moon is known as the “Buck Moon.” This is because it is a time that buck’s antlers are typically in Full growth mode. Most Full Moon names come from Native American tribes who used the Full Moons as sort of a calendar to keep track of seasons. It also comes with some folklore beliefs. Old folklore accounts suggest that this moon can affect human mental health and bring on natural disasters. There is no scientific evidence supports these claims.

Form a scientific standpoint, Friday’s Full Moon is also known as a “Micromoon.” This is a Full Moon that coincides with the apogee, the point in the Moon’s orbit farthest away from the Earth. Because a micromoon is further away, it looks up to 14 percent smaller. It is also up to 30 percent dimmer. The great distance can also cause smaller than normal tides.

If you are looking to catch July’s Full Moon, it will come up at 8:27 PM Friday. Look for a moonset Saturday at 6:22 AM.