French Police Start Clearing Migrant Camps In Paris Amid Government Crackdown

AP19311411328744Looks like the French are cracking down. 

The last time I was in Paris, it was pathetic compared to 20 years previously. 

French police have started clearing migrant camps in and around Paris as part of a government effort to crack down on immigration. According to government officials, around 1,600 people were evacuated from two camps on Thursday.

The camps were reportedly known for their poor conditions with many of them harboring criminals and drug addicts. Hundreds of the migrants were taken to temporary housing in local sports arenas and asylum reception centers.

Adel Muchtarov on Twitter

PARIS CLEARED OF MIGRANT CAMPS! Since the morning, the French capital has been flooded with raids by law enforcement officers, who are tasked with eliminating spontaneous tent camps of migrants. According to reports, the operation began early in the morning.

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