Former prosecutors call Attorney General Barr’s recent comments ‘deeply concerning’


Dozens of current and former prosecutors signed a letter in response to Attorney General William Barr’s comments regarding progressive district attorneys. In a letter this weekend, several officials said Barr’s remarks to the Fraternal Order of Police last weekend were “deeply concerning.”

This comes after Barr criticized district attorneys who have promised to help the communities they are elected to serve in, but undercut police and let criminals off the hook instead.

“Some are refusing to prosecute thefts, some are refusing to prosecute drug cases even when the distribution of narcotics is involved, and when they do din to charge a criminal suspect they are frequently seeking sentences that are pathetically lenient, stated the attorney general. “So, these cities are headed back to the days of the revolving door justice and the results are going to be predictable — more crime and more victims.”

Barr went on to say as a society we should not take our police officers for granted.

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