Former President Obama Won’t Get Behind Former Vice President Biden’s Presidential Bid

AP19320110160684 2At this point, the Democrats know that none of their current candidates can beat Trump. 

So who is their dark horse candidate? And when will they parade s/he out? 

Joe Biden is reaching out for heavy weight endorsements, including from former President Barack Obama who doesn’t seem interested in lending his support. An endorsement from Obama can go a long ways such was the case with Beto O’Rourke who nearly beat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz during his 2018 midterm bid.

The apparent jab comes despite Biden’s touting of the pair’s friendship in past months, likely in hopes of gaining the support of his base. If the former president’s inner circle has made any indications, it’s that he doesn’t plan on speaking in favor of his two-time running mate’s campaign. According to a New York Times article in August, a source claimed Obama told Biden “you don’t have to do this Joe, you really don’t.”

Even before announcing his 2020 campaign, reports had already surfaced about Obama’s hesitancy to encourage Biden to place a third bid for the White House. This includes concerns about how the public would perceive Biden entering the 2016 race shortly after the death of his eldest son Beau, who died from brain cancer. He also reportedly admitted the Democrat presidential candidate does not have an intimate bond with voters. However, Obama could shift course as reports say he plans to speak out to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders from winning the Democrat nomination in 2020.

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