Federal Court Throws Out Clock Boy’s Lawsuit

Judge says allegations were “factually deficient.”

A federal court has thrown out a lawsuit against Irving, TX, and the local school district brought on by Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed and his family after authorities arrested him in September 2015.

‘Clock Boy’ lawsuit thrown out in federal court

A federal court has thrown out the civil rights lawsuit filed by the family of the Texas teenager known as “Clock Boy.” The lawsuit alleged that the city of Irving and Irving school district discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed at Irving MacArthur High School in September of 2015.

Mohamed’s father filed the lawsuit in August of last year, which included MacArthur High School principal Daniel Cummings as a defendant.

“Clock boy” discrimination lawsuit dismissed by federal judge

A federal judge has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit brought by the family a Muslim student who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that officials believed to be a bomb, saying the student’s attorneys failed to prove he was treated differently based on his race or religion.