Drama At Google: Employee Trashes ‘Diversity’ In 10-Page Viral Memo

This is like refusing to burn a pinch of incense to Caesar. 

Google’s internal “diversity” policies were criticized by one of its own software engineers in a 10-page letter widely shared across the company.

Google openly advertises its “diversity” policies regarding human resource management, proudly sharing its efforts to reduce its hiring and promotion of white men. Many of the world’s publicly-traded companies with the highest market capitalizations implement similar policies; a cottage industry has been built up around the pushing and implementation of “diversity” policies.

“Diversity” is a nonsense left-wing euphemism to reduce white participation and representation in all social spheres.

Google openly subverts merit in pursuit of racial, ethnic, gender, and other quotas pertaining to individual personhood in its human resource management.

Here’s a link to the entire 10-page memo. 

Here’s my question: what percentage of men and women graduate with a software degree? 

According to AEI, 82% of CS graduates are men. 

  • In 8 out of the 10 highest-paying college majors — various Engineering fields, Computer Science and MIS — men represented more than 80% of the college graduates in those fields. The only college major of the top ten where women are over-represented is Nursing, a field where 84.4% of the bachelor’s degrees in 2014 were awarded to women.
  • For the top ten highest-paying college majors as a group, men earn an average of 72% of the bachelor’s degrees in those fields. For the top 20 college majors, men earn an average of nearly two-thirds of those degrees; for the top 30, the male average is 60.5% and for the top 50 (actually only 40 majors are considered), the average for men is 53.7% of degrees.

Why do women in a vast majority major in fields that do not pay well? 

Why do progressives think that if women earn 18% of the CS degrees they should represent 50% of the workforce? 

Here’s the bottom line from Economist Mark J. Perry: 

Bottom Line: What can we learn from these data on college majors, salaries, and gender? As my AEI colleague Christina Sommers has pointed out, if today’s young women want a quick fix to close the gender wage gap, they don’t need more government regulation of the labor market or corrective legislative action like the stalled Paycheck Fairness Act. Rather, you women should simply change their college majors from low-paying ones like feminist dance therapy to high-paying ones like many of those listed above. The raw gender wage gap doesn’t exist because employers discriminate against women in the labor market as much as it reflects voluntary and personal choices of both men and women in terms of college majors, careers, the number of hours worked, and family roles and responsibilities. As Christina Sommers explained, “Most economists will tell you that employers cannot be blamed for much or any of the gender wage gap. It is women’s choices that are the problem — beginning with their college majors.”

Solution: Change college majors, close the gender wage gap.