District Admits Asst Principal Acted Illegally

The students were protesting on the public sidewalk in front of the school, not on school grounds and not during school. Agree with their message or not, the assistant principal was in the wrong. Read what he did! 

The Downingtown Area School District in Pennsylvania is giving in to a threatened lawsuit by apologizing to two teenagers whose pro-life activism on the sidewalk earned a crude tirade by an assistant principal.

Zach Ruff of the Downingtown STEM Academy was captured on video this spring walking out of the school and accosting Lauren and Connor Haines, who are part of a “Christian activist network” that shows graphic abortion images.

He told them he’s gay, said they and aborted children “can go to hell” and screamed that fetuses aren’t human but rather “cells,” as he blocked them from interacting with passers-by.

I don’t give an (expletive) what Jesus tells me about what I should and should not be doing. You are harassing public school students and I will call the police if you don’t shut up.

Ruff’s behavior was illegal, Superintendent Emilie Lonardi said in a July 7 letter to the siblings and their parents that’s included in the school district’s 19-page settlement, made public Thursday…

This is the face of the government school anti-bullying campaign…

Assistant Principal of a Top Ranked School Yells at Students – FULL 18 MINUTE VIDEO

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