Conspiracy Theorists: Poll Shows Majority of Democrats Falsely Believe Russia Hacked Election Results

NewImageThere’s a big difference between hacking the voting machine and hacking some DNC emails. That seems to be lost on the Liberals. 

This poll is worth highlighting for a few reasons:


 It presents an ideal opportunity to reiterate an important factual claim about our electoral process, 


 it allows us to puncture liberals’ self-righteousness about conspiracy theories and anti-empiricism being the province of the Right, and 


 it adds useful perspective to the panic over “fake news.” Let’s start with the data point itself, which comes via YouGov. PPP is famous for 

asking trollish questions

 designed to embarrass Republican voters, but as we’ll see, 

neither side is immune

 from this sort of thing. To quote The Donald’s most memorable one-word debate rebuttal, 


Sahil Kapur on Twitter

52% of Democrats believe Russia tampered with vote tallies to get Trump elected (per Economist/YouGov poll). There’s no evidence for this.

Via Townhall