College Students Forced Out Of Dorms Due To Pandemic, Demand Refund For Room And Board Fees

AP20072819417872And why shouldn’t they? 

This is going to put the educational-industrial complex into even a worse bind. 

College students and their families are pressing the question of whether they will receive a refund after schools shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the reports, several schools are partially reimbursing room and board fees. For example, Stanford University will reportedly eliminate housing and dining charges for the spring quarter, but will not be reducing tuition.

Schools are forcing students out of their dorms and making classes available online. Some students have said they are disappointed about paying for an education they aren’t fully receiving. However, school officials stressed the top priority is ensuring safety.

In some states, students have already begun petitions demanding a refund. However, other schools, such as Boston University, have already announced plans to reimburse students.