College Republicans DEMAND Muslim Students Denounce Terrorism…

NewImageThe progressives are up in arms. College Republicans are demanding of others the same thing that’s demanded of them. 

The San Diego College Republicans thought if they needed to denounce the KKK and white supremacy that the Muslim student group should denounce this new Islamic terror attack.

Progressives were unamused, being asked to do what they command of others. 

A Republican student association in San Diego has been branded ‘ignorant and pathetic’ for sending an aggressive letter demanding Muslim students condemn last week’s terror attacks in Barcelona.

The Republican Club at San Diego State University wrote to the Muslim Student Association, saying that the campus community could not move forward creating ‘an inclusive environment for all students’ until radical terrorism was ‘disavowed’.

The letter said if no condemnation was forthcoming, leaders should resign.

Guilt by association cuts both ways.