Coldest July in Montreal in 25 years

Bet you didn’t hear about this in the media. It goes against the metanarrative. 

Montreal lies 50 miles north of the US border. 

Coldest July in Montreal in 25 years
By Dany Mtl.

Here in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, we had a July 2017 without any tropical heat day (30 C+), which is a first since 1992.

February 2015 was the coldest February ever here with an average 24 hours temp of -15 C, which is 7.5 C below normal and the 2nd coldest month ever – all months included.

On July 11th of this year it snowed in Baie James (north-western Québec). On the 12th it snowed in Schefferville, Northeastern Québec (Labrador) where snow is rare but not unheard of in early July. Nonetheless it was a new record: the latest snow ever recorded in July in this big province (2.5 times the size of France).