CNN’s David Gregory Lectures Fox News to Shut Up on Media Bias


CNN political analyst David Gregory took after Fox News on Wednesday’s New Day, lecturing them to stop saying what CNN and others are doing is “activism over journalism.” This is the same David Gregory who ranted for gun control while displaying a high-capacity magazine (violating D.C. gun laws) on the Meet the Press set. And it’s the same David Gregory that wouldn’t let any Republican bring up rape charges against Bill Clinton when he was an MSNBC host. Gregory didn’t want to talk about for ten seconds. At NBC and MSNBC, Gregory was more mouthpiece than moderator. But now, Gregory is insisting “It is a time of reckoning for Republicans, to try and get back on track here and get to the bottom of what the president did.” CNN was insisting on Republicans getting the “courage” to “rein in” the president.