Claire McCaskill was caught in another Russia lie

Yet another meeting with Russian Ambassador discovered, from the Senator who said she never met him. Via LI:

Back in March 2017, when Russia-mania was in full fury, Claire McCaskill attacked Jeff Sessions for allegedly (but not in reality) answering a confirmation hearing question inaccurately concerning meetings with the Russian Ambassador. The confusing compound question to Sessions focused on meeting the Ambassador as a campaign surrogate, which Sessions denied doing.

Sessions was excoriated by Democrats and the media, including McCaskill, for not mentioning two meetings with the Russian Ambassador in Sessions’ capacity as a Senator. One of those meetings was in a group setting at the Republican National Convention, when the Obama State Department brought numerous Ambassadors to the event. The second was in Sessions’ Senate office, accompanied by career staffers.

Yet McCaskill insisted that Sessions’ explanation that he met in his capacity as a Senator was implausible, because she never had done that.

But oops, McCaskill was caught misremembering her own meetings, as we reported, Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill “Lied” About Meeting With Russian Ambassador?

Recently confirmed Attorney General and former Senator Jeff Sessions became the target of what appear to be trumped-up charges that he lied about his involvement with Russia during confirmation hearings. The political media set, along with federally elected Democrats are having a heyday, demanding Sessions resign.

In response to the allegations against AG Sessions, McCaskill’s official account tweeted:


But there was a problem. McCaskill had tweeted about her prior meeting with the Russian Ambassador.

And there were photos.

Now McCaskill has been caught again. Mediaite reports, Senator McCaskill Attended Reception at Home of Russian Ambassador She Claimed to Have Never Met:

But now, as CNN reports, McCaskill also attended a “black-tie reception” at the Russian ambassador’s home in Washington, D.C., in 2015. The event was apparently honoring former Congressman James Symington, a fellow Missouri Democrat.

And, as the Washington Free Beacon reports, her attendance at the dinner was accompanied by an $873 payment from an undisclosed foundation to the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, where the ambassador serves as honorary chairman on the board of directors.

Seemingly caught giving contradictory accounts, McCaskill decided to deploy the popular, “I was taken out of context” defense.