Circumambient Imbecilities

A radical Muslim, working the ISIS angle, shot up a homosexual nightclub, murdering 49 people there, and then he himself was killed by police. His name was Omar Mateen, he did what he did in solidarity with ISIS, and apparently was shouting “allahu akbar” during the shooting. This means that his root motivations are a mystery to officials, and that if we drill down diligently we will find that the pressing problem of the day would have to be homophobic evangelical bakers and Islamophobic preachers. And guns. Don’t forget guns.

Public discourse today is one throbbing mass of sentimentality . . . but only of the approved sentiments. We refuse to analyze what happened dispassionately, whatever happens — because that would cause the approved narrative to collapse instanter. Instead we emote wildly in response, and if anyone dares to dissent, or is known to possess dissenting proclivities, they are promptly boiled in cauldrons of molten tolerance outrage.

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