Charlottesville Organizer Punched in the Face and Chased off the Grounds

You don’t have to agree with or like his message, but you should support his First Amendment right to say his message without being physically attacked. 

I would hope that everyone on the left and right would agree with that. The ACLU certainly did. 

Yet here is the Charlottesville organizer being punched in the face and chased off the grounds where he had a permit to be. 

Tell me again about the “peaceful counter protests”? 

Unite the Right’ organizer punched in face, flees press conference

The “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler planned on holding a press conference at 2 p.m., a day after deadly protests in the city. However, the press conference was drowned out by counter-protesters, who at the end of the press conference chased Kessler away. ne protester punched Kessler as the crowds surrounded him.

Jason Kessler Punched by Counter-Protester in Charlottesville

Clip filmed by Ford Fischer shows the moment a protester punched Jason Kessler earlier today. Filmed by Ford Fischer Please contact Ford Fischer at or call (573) 575-NEWS to license video. Photos and additional footage may be available upon request. Support News2Share on Patreon: See more at

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