Candidate’s yard signs vandalized

5d96dc5ff1dc9 imageIt’s not discussed, but “pedo” is a Spanish word, so this could be targeting his hispanic background. From the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Moscow City Council hopeful James Urquidez’s signs were primary target

Several James Urquidez political yard signs throughout Moscow were vandalized with spray paint between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Moscow Police Department Capt. Will Krasselt said at least one Kelsey Berends political sign also was vandalized. The words “scum” and “pedo” were reportedly spray painted on the tailgate of a pickup truck — which Urquidez said does not belong to him — in Moscow, Krasselt said.

Those same words, and “$” symbols were painted on the candidate signs.

Urquidez and Berends each are running for one of three Moscow City Council positions up for election next month.

Sandra Kelly, Maureen Laflin, Brandon Mitchell and incumbent Anne Zabala also are running.

Police have no suspects.


Krasselt, a 28-year Moscow Police Department veteran, said he does not know how many signs were vandalized, but he does not recall a time in which this many signs were vandalized at once.

Krasselt said it is more common that signs are stolen from yards instead of vandalized.

“I thought it was kind of silly,” said Urquidez, noting he hopes it was not “grown adults” who committed the vandalism.

He said the criminal acts are tragic, hateful and who he feels bad for the person or people that might be that bitter. He added he would be surprised if the person or people who did this knew him well.

Urquidez said he is not sure what the motive behind the actions were. He said he is concerned for his supporters because he does not want the vandalism to escalate to attacks on their vehicles, homes or themselves.

He said the vandalism did not negatively affect him. In fact, Urquidez said several people offered to wash or replace the damaged signs and he picked up more voters because of the graffiti.

Kelly said the acts are not a reflection of Moscow residents.

“I am dismayed to learn that people or groups are vandalizing campaign signs,” Kelly said. “This is malicious, hateful and unacceptable.”

She said the criminal behavior made her angry and that it is not what campaigns are about.

“I’m sad to see it happen and Moscow is better than this,” Kelly said.


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